Chrome to end support for Windows XP, Vista, and OS X 10.8 on April 2016

If you use Chrome on an older operating system such as Windows XP (and yes we do still have clients that refuse to upgrade), your browser could stop getting updates in just a few weeks. For some of you Google Chrome is the only web browser that still allows your web based applications to function under Windows XP. Therefore, this could become a serious issue. Google’s official Chrome Blog announced back in November that it will be ending support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 in April 2016. Chrome browsers on those operating systems will continue to work (in theory), but they will stop getting updates from Google.

As we have all come to understand updates are crucial and it’s just a matter of time before Chrome stops working on the older systems completely. We strongly recommend upgrading all remaining Windows XP and Vista workstations as soon as possible.

Using the Internet as a Business Tool


In this modern and technologically savvy world, the internet has become an unavoidable and easy way for people to gather information. When most people have a question and need answers they turn to the internet, rather than a stack of encyclopedias like our parents did. As a business owner that is something to keep in mind when trying to reach out to your clientele. It is safe to assume that all of them have the internet, an email address, and a preferred search engine. With that in mind, you now can formulate a strategy to get your business name and services in their peripheral.

The Small Business Association (SBA) stated, “Setting up your business on the Internet can be a lucrative way to attract customers, expand your market and increase sales.” Even a very small business can benefit tremendously from having a website that is clean, neat, and organized. Every question that your consumer has should be answered on your website. How can they contact you? What services are you providing with them? Why should your team be trusted over another? Words don’t always have to be how this is accomplished. Having a clean, sleek design, with attractive graphics can do a lot to make a costumer feel comfortable with your business.

Your website is your best way to advertise to your customers. Advertisements can announce your company’s birthday, specials and sales, events your company is sponsoring, and to promote goodwill with your customers. If you plan to run advertisements on your site, keep them updated! A website should be fresh, and looked after. Your website is your garden, cultivate it, care for it, and you will reap the benefits of your harvest.

Social Media outlets are also important for your business. Regardless of your personal feelings about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, others are more than likely using some sort of social media. Join in with your customers! As these sites grow larger and larger, people are using their email less and less. Your business’s page should have a direct link to your website. The idea is to drive customers to your actual website where all of their questions can be answered. Find a niche, and stick with it. Your Facebook page can be used to advertise to your clientele as well. You can promote your sales, specials, community events, and so much more.

There are countless options of marketing to your customers, and these social media sites are a great tool. With sites like Pintrest, and Instagram you can quickly reach out to people that would have never known your business existed. Don’t be fearful of the internet, it is your friend!

There are many ways that you can use the internet as a tool for your business. Your website and participation online should not be an afterthought. Your website is often the first and longest lasting impression on a client. Be sure to find a designer and developer that you can have an open relationship with. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who present themselves as something they are not and can take advantage of your inexperience with the internet. Let Cubla Incorporated show you how building a brand and marketing can help you expand your business! Contact us today to find out more.

Beyond Expectations

As a company, Cubla Incorporated believes that you should always go above and BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.  As an employee, the same is true for how one should carry themselves in the modern workplace.  We truly believe in good ol’ fashioned, tried and true, customer service.  We believe that the client should get what they are paying for, and that those services or products are fulfilling their needs.  Cubla Incorporated takes a proactive approach when it comes to dealing with the daily challenges that a business faces.  We work hard to ensure that any technical or service related questions are answered quickly, and that projects are completed in the most efficient way possible.

Our clients in Jackson, MS, Mobile, AL, Southaven, MS and all over the Gulf Coast and Southeast have seen the difference over the years.  Many times customers are faced with a bad experience with both technology and web design services.  Many times they need to transition due to issues with their current vendors.  Whatever the case, Cubla Incorporated has been around for years and we know how to take care of our clients.  We are there to help your business grow and succeed.  We only succeed when our clients are seeing success.

With years of experience, a focused customer outlook, and such a vast resource of knowledge and know-how, it is obvious why Cubla Incorporated should be your first choice when it comes to business strategy and solutions.

We offer a full suite of services & products to meet your needs:

  • Information Technology
  • Networking
  • Communication Solutions
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Online & Print Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Hosting, Domains, Emails, & More!


Contact us today at 888.990.1212 for more information regarding our services and see how Cubla Incorporated is ready to go BEYOND EXPECTATIONS!