Client Types

We have been managing computer networks for almost 20 years and still maintain our very first client. They have always been large, operating five locations in two different states running almost one hundred workstations with eight separate servers. For whatever reason, a very long time ago, they decided to allow Cubla Incorporated to install their first network and grow to what they are today. Back then, we had zero computer and network knowledge, but by managing this one client we have gained invaluable experience and they have always had the best mentality towards their network. It goes to show you it is the mentality, more than the knowledge, that is the key to success.

Fleet Maintenance Clients:

That first client maintains almost thirty fleet vehicles. A company that does this holds a unique mentality towards upgrades and maintenance. They understand changing the oil, rotating tires and replacing vehicles on a rotation schedule. They also understand what happens when you neglect these responsibilities. Computers and computer networks are exactly like fleet maintenance. If a client expects to purchase technical equipment, have it installed and forget about it they will experience constant problems. It’s the nature of the beast.

Burned Clients:

The second type of client are those that have been burned in the past, lost data, made it through a disaster or had their IT administrator disappear leaving them feeling betrayed and helpless. These are good clients to have, but it usually takes some time to rebuild trust and understandably so. They are often open-minded to ideas especially with regards to backups. They simply never want to be in the situation they experienced again. Ever.

Uncaring But Demanding Clients:

The third type is the worst. They are demanding, do not understand technology, do not care to understand it, do not want to spend the money for good equipment or to maintain the network, but want and / or require everything to operate smoothly and perfectly ALL the time. We will not elaborate on this type because we usually decline maintaining them.

What Type of Client are You?

The mentality each client maintains, of course, is your decision. The main concern is generally expectation and the unknown. Cubla Incorporated feels that by providing accurate information on what can be done to implement a solution is key in a successful business partnership. We often hear “I did not know that was possible” or “our previous IT guy said we couldn’t do blah” from new clients and it makes us sad. A client should never be told “it cannot be done”, only what is required to make it happen. Focusing on the current situation and developing a key strategy to get the job done is our priority at Cubla Incorporated.