About Us

Cubla Incorporated provides technology support and management services for primarily commercial clients. Cubla Incorporated was founded in 1998, but James R. Day started his first computer business while still in High School in 1995. After more than twenty-four (24) years of helping business owners navigate the convoluted world of tech James continues to support clients with help from his wife Hillary G. Lemmon. Since 2008, Cubla has maintained an office in Flowood, MS (Jackson, Mississippi area).

James R. Day – President

James is a technology and business consultant at heart and a technician by trade. The skills learned over two decades of supporting all types of businesses has allowed James to see situations from a different perspective than most. In fact, James has started, purchased and sold many businesses of his own and, unlike most “IT guys”, James can see the business and financial side of the equation not just the tech. Efficiency and organization is an Art that James and Hillary have mastered and they enjoy helping others. James has a natural talent when it comes to problem solving and explaining technology in a way that anyone can understand. To learn more about James click here

Hillary G. Lemmon – Vice-President

Hillary has been working in the field of business management for over eighteen (18) years, and met James in 2010 through a professional connection with Cubla. They began dating and ultimately decided that her skillset would be an asset to the business – the rest, as they say, is history. Hillary and James have been operating Cubla together since she came on board in 2011 and have loved every minute of it. While James performs all technical support and maintenance for clients, Hillary runs the internal business administration and operations as required. They love opportunities to assist with workflow coordination and general business consulting, as these elements draw upon their mutual experience and provide a more comprehensive solution to clients.